Repair Compounds And Grouts
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CAPGROUT GP Premixed, high flow, cementitious non-shrink grout.  Under plate rail and bridge bearing grouting, anchor bolt fixing etc.  Yield 11.8 liters /bag  ASTM C-1107 Grade A 25 kg bag 
CAPGROUT HS High strength , high performance non shrink cementetious grout  Bedding ,grouting and precision bearing operation of heavy machinery. Yield 11.8 liters /bag.  ASTM C-1107 Grade A  25 kg bag
CAPTHIN PATCH Polymer modified, shrinkage compensated cement based compound for patching and repairing works. Provides an extremely durable finish, featheredge up to 3mm thickness and excellent resistance to surface cracking.  Resurfacing, leveling and filling of small holes, honeycomb, spalled areas, tuck pointing cracks, mortar joints etc.  Yield 16.5 liters/bag  BS 1881BS 4550  25 kg bag
CAP-PATCH Premixed, polymer modified mortar when mixed with water. Provides a cohesive, no-sag repair mortar giving a smooth finish with excellent adhesion.  For horizontal / vertical structural patching mortar, repair and replacement of damaged, decayed, weak or de-bonded concrete, that has spalled, chipped or cracked.  0.011 m3 / bag.  ASTM C-109  25 kg bag 
"Rabid setting plugging
mortar "
"to stop leakage &seepage in all types
of concrete &masonry surfaces"
0.50 liter/ bag In house quality
10 kg bag
H .B
Premixed , polymer modified mortar consisting of crack inhibiting fibers and shrinkage compensating additives  For repairing of vertical and Horizontal concrete and masonry up to 40 mm in single pass  Yield 14 liters / bag  ASTM C-109  25 kg bag
CAPCEM L.W Premixed premium quality shrinkage compensated mortar made from selected cement ,graded aggregates, light weight fillers and special additives  For re-instatement of overhead and vertical concrete elements, where high strength is not criteria.  Yield 18 liters / bag  ASTM C-109  25 kg bag
Two component cementitious for skin coat, finishing and leveling mortar for internal dressing or featheredge leveling before painting.  For filling, leveling and smoothening of irregularities, blow holes and blemishes on concrete surface.  Varies with applied thickness  In house qualitystandards  30 kg kit 
CAP RAPID HARD Rapid hardening structural repair mortar designed for horizontal repair work  For structural patching of concrete pavements, parking decks, airport runways and taxiways  Yield 12 liters / bag  ASTM C-109  25 kg bag 
CAP MICRO CRETE Flow able shrinkage compensated micro concrete For large volume repairs of concrete element where hand placing is impractical  Yield 11.5 liters / bag  ASTM C-109  DIN -1048  25 kg bag 
CAPOXY GROUT three component solvent free flowable grout  precision grouting of machinery base plates & other equipment  Approx 14.2 litre / kit ASTM C-307ASTM C -308 ASTM C-413 ASTM C-579 ASTM C-580  30 kg Kit 
CAPOXY MORTAR -BM Three component epoxy resin base system . exhibit optimum chemical and abrasion resistance .  Specially formulated for Rehabilation of manholes Approx 3m2/kit @5 mm thickness  ASTM C-307ASTM C -308 ASTM C-413 ASTM C-579 ASTM C-580  30 kg Kit 
CAPOXY GEL non sagging gel for filling & surfacing Iideal for gap filling bedding& repair of horizontal & vertical concrete irregularities  Yield approx 2 litre / kit  ASTM C-307ASTM C -308 ASTM C-413 ASTM C-579 ASTM C-580  3 kg kit 
CAPOXY MORTAR HB Non slumping high build epoxy mortar . stiff but easily workable  Ideal for gap filling , bedding and repair of horizontal and vertical Concrete elements Yield approx 2 litre / kit  ASTM C-307ASTM C -308 ASTM C-413 ASTM C-579 ASTM C-580  4 kg kit 
a hydrophobic polyurethane grout injected into cracks in concrete , soil ,pipes intrusion ,expansion jiont stop water leaks thruogh cracks and reacting with water, moisture and expands creating a deanse ,closed cell foam varies with applied thickness  ANSI / NSF 61-1989 5 gallons pail

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