Curing Membrane And Surface Treatment
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CURACOAT-R A resin based curing compound of brush able or spray able consistency and low flammability. Curing of structural concrete, paving and tunnel structure. Suitable for all types of concrete. 0.16 to 0.25 liters/m2 ASTM C-309 20 liter pail 205 liter barrel
CURACOAT-P Acrylic resin based non-degrading curing membrane. Spray able clear liquid providing protective anti-carbonation coating Curing membrane sealer for all types of concrete, masonry, brickwork, runways, concrete paving etc. 0.16 to 0.25 liters/ m2 ASTM C-309 20 liter pail 205 liter barrel
A single component solvent based and clear coating/ sealing material desined for application over porous surfaces, high degree of repellency against potential water and moisture attack with high penetration bricks work, mineral based natural and artificial stone , sand lime bricks, cement fiber boards , mineral paints varies according to application In house quality standards 20 liter pail200 liter drum 
CAPHARDTOP L.S Water based gel for concrete surface retardation in form work. Easily applicable green gel. Construction joints, exposed aggregate finishes, face down precast, stop end etc. 0.125 to 0.30 kg/m2 In house qualitystandards  15 kg pail.
CAPGEL Mineral oil based, non-staining chemical release agent that provides excellent releasing property. Can be used in all types of form works. Gives high quality surface finish and easy strip. 12.0 to 50.0 m2/literdepending onsubstrate. In house qualitystandards 20 liter pail 205 liter barrel
RELEASO FORM Concrete remover, cleaning and etching agent To remove laitance from concrete to prepare new concrete to accept sealer coatings and varies according toapplication In house qualitystandards  5 kg can20 liter pail 
CAP ETCH Silicate based concrete surface hardening, sealing and dust proofing compound. For sealing and dust proofing of new and old concrete structures indoor or outdoor. 0.1 to 0.20 liters/m2 In house qualitystandards 20 liter pail 205 liter barrel

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