Adhesive And Bonding Agents
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CAPBOND -PVA Highly effective multi purpose polyvinyl acetate based bonding agent and adhesive that dries to a colorless transparent film.  To enhance the bond strength of cement and mortar, for bonding new concrete to old, as a bonding agent for ceramics, mosaics, tiles etc. Depends on the purpose of application. Refer technical data sheet.  In house qualitystandards  5 kg can20 kg pail200 kg barrel
CAPBOND -SBR Styrene butadiene based non re-emulsifiable bonding agent and admixture that improves flexibility with reduction in permeability by forming rubber strands into cement mixes.  For water proof renders, floor screeds and tiling mortars. For bonding new to old concrete.  5.0 to 15.0 liters/50 kg cement. In house qualitystandards  5 kg can20 kg pail200 kg barrel
CAPBOND AC-300 Styrene acrylic co-polymer based bonding agent that forms an insoluble polymer matrix with cement mixes. It improves bond, tensile and flexural strengths, resistance to water and hydrolysis of cement mixes.  Modification of Portland cement compositions. Up to 10 liters/50 kg cement. In house qualitystandards   200 kg barrel
CAP TILE LATEX Acrylic based hydrophilic additive for cement mixes , On addition of recommended dosages improves water resistance , tensile and flexural strength As an additive for cement mortar,captile grout, captile wall grout and captile adhesive and captile fix TG  Depends on type of application.  In house qualitystandards  5 kg can20 kg pail
CAP SUPER BOND Hydrolysis resistant anionic styrene co polymer dispersion with high elasticity and excellent bond strength To modify the properties of cement mortar, rendering etc. As a primer for subsequent application of cement product  Varies with type ofapplication  In house qualitystandards  5 kg can20 kg pail
Epoxy base solvent free multi purpose bonding agent  For bonding of concrete, ceramics, asbestos, glass and common building materials 3.5-4 m2/liter  Tested by:ASTM C-882ASTM D-638ASTM D-570ASTM D-695 1 kg pack4 kg pack
CAP BOND – EP SPL Epoxy base solvent free bonding agent for New to old concrete  for bonding freshly mixed concrete to hardened concrete  3.5-4 m2/liter  Tested by:

ASTM C-882

ASTM D-638ASTM D-570

ASTM D-695
1 kg pack

4 kg pack

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