Joint Sealant And Expansion Joints
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PG PRIMER 10 one part chemically active clear based primer  non- absorbent substrates like glass,ceramics and aluminuim etc

porous substrates
0.79 kg/litre In house qualitystandards  1 litre pail
PG 15E PRIMER two componenttransparent epoxy based primer cement bound substrate unglazed edges

of ceramic tiles, natural and artificial,stones, bricks, asbestos cement
10-14 m2/litre In house qualitystandards  0.5 litre pail
PG -10 Two component gun and pouring grade polysulphide sealant, cured product forms a tough rubber like seal with good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to weather and chemicals.  Ideal for expansion and control joints, precast concrete panels, aluminium windows and doors. forms highly water resistant seal when applied on reservoir ,dams, canals etc.  Varies with joint width and depth.  ISO 160:1993 BS 4254:1983 ASTM C-920-87 Type M Class -25 Federal specs TT-S-227E Type II Class A  4 liter pail 
CAP HOT MASTIC Plastomeric hot poured bituminous joint sealant formulated with premium grade bitumen, plastomeric polymer and mineral stabilizer  To accommodate expansion and contraction movement in concrete, bitumen pavement and floor slab Varies with joint width and depth  In house qualitystandards  15 kg pail 180 kg drum 
CAP MASTIC Acrylic based joint sealant For caulking joints ,hollow core ceilings and floor planks  Varies with joint width and depth  In house qualitystandards  5 kg pail25 kg pail 
CAP BOARD A saturated bituminous boards  in precast works, vertical,horizontal concrete surfaces ,aluminuinm and woven doors, building construction Varies with joint width and depth ASTM D-1751BS 1142ISO 1838 length: 1 mwidth:2 mthickness:19 mm

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