Ahlia Chemicals Co., is a subsidiary of National International Holding Co. (KSE - NIH) is one of the leading manufacturers of construction specialties chemicals in the State of Kuwait since 1981 with the capital of about US $ 5.5 Million. Ahlia Chemicals Co. is the pioneer in its field and has successfully achieved its objective by gaining respect and confidence in quality and services, from clients in Kuwait as well as other neighboring countries. Ahlia Chemicals' outstanding track record has strengthened its relationship with regional and international firms. Currently Ahlia Chemicals represents and collaborates with numerous firms around the world. Ahlia Chemicals Co. is equiped with knowledge, people, skills, products and the tools to maximize customer’s satisfaction.

Quality Commitment:

One of the main foundation structures in Ahlia Chemicals is the in house R & D laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with State of the art facilities to ensure the quality of both raw materials and final products in accordance with the international standards. Moreover, it plays a crucial role developing new products by understanding the needs of construction industry as well as Ahlia Chemicals' constant pursuit of excellence and global knowledge. In order to provide coherent customer satisfaction, the quality values in Ahlia Chemicals are maintained and monitored at highest level. An exceptional quality policy was attained by a team of experts after long years in experiments and inspections at various production stages from the procurement of raw materials until verifying the final products.

Sales & Marketing:

Ahlia Chemicals Co. has the advantage of having well skilled, strong, and professional marketing team of Civil Engineers who top prioritize the customer and are working around the clock to fulfill any expectation and requirement.