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Chemical activities

Chemical activities:

Ahlia Chemicals’ main standard in the chemical industry is maintaining a consistent level of high quality stability and to meet the new technological demands. This was maintained through the state of the art in-house R&D laboratory.

Environmental activities

Environmental activities:

Ahlia Chemicals deeply understand its responsibility, commitment and the necessity of the preservation of the environment as well as the safety of its staff. As a manufacturer of wide range of products Ahlia Chemicals is committed to edify the people the concept of pride and preservation of the same.

Construction activities

Construction activities:

Ahlia Chemicals’ wealth of experience throughout the constructions works & continuous improvement strategy implemented in all department has resulted in high quality services.

Manufacturing activities

Manufacturing activities:

Ahlia Chemicals has been recognized throughout the industry for its products and manufacturing process as well as for its ability to adopt any new manufacturing lines.

Concrete activities

Concrete activities:

Ahlia Chemicals utilizes its power to provide the region with highest class of services in the concrete industry starting with gradients and finishing with wide variety of products.

Staff activities

Staff activities:

Ahlia Chemicals has been able to build and maintain a healthy relationship with its precious customer due to its staff who:

  • 1. Understand their customer desires.
  • 2. Have a strong commitment towards quality and services.
  • 3. Are motivated to work within a continuous improvement of framework.